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Outsiders is both a sci-fi tabletop roleplaying game for one player & a sequel/expansion to Notorious.

In Outsiders, the setting moves away from the intergalactic war of Notorious to the edge of the galaxy; a place known as the Outside.

Your story brings you into contact with new factions, who compete to control the rich resources & opportunities within this lawless sector. 

But the Old Empire's fleet has arrived & it could change everything...

You must once again hunt targets through uncharted wilds & bustling destinations. Confront ruthless ambition, destructive greed & hidden motivations.  Face your own past & determine your future. 

Learn what it means to be an outsider.



  • a standalone solo roleplaying game: everything you need to create brand new stories in the Notorious universe.
  • six new Nomads: the Rookie, Duo, Beastmaster, Veteran, Tech & Deserter—all cross-compatible with Notorious.
  • new factions, planets & species: discover what lies on the far edges of the galaxy, away from the intergalactic war.
  • trilogy mode: play through the epic three-part story of one Nomad & expand your tables by combining Outsiders with Notorious.



You can read more about Outsiders on Dicebreaker or watch a few reviews & actual plays on YouTube here:



Jason Price
(NotoriousA Complicated Profession, Last Sentinels)

Torben Bökemeyer 
(Orbital, Bucket of Bolts, Last Sentinels)

Jack Harrison 
(Artefact, Orbital, Bucket of Bolts, Koriko: A Magical Year)

Will Jobst
(TORQthis discord has ghosts in itBlack Mass)

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Tagsjournaling, notorious, outsiders, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Solo RPG, storygame, Tabletop, tabletop-role-playing-game


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Notorious Player Sheet (Form Fillable).pdf 200 kB
Notorious Player Sheet (Printable).pdf 847 kB

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Unfortunately it seems like the links in the PDF are broken, still. Clicking anything after section 1 in the ToC takes one to the cover.

The little page number link subscript thingies (for example the link to the "Species" page on the "The Nomad" page) don't seem to work either, they're not clickable for me.


yep, it’s on my list to fix these and update the files very soon :)

Good to know, thank you :)


This has now been fixed in the latest version of the files.


Any community copies

(1 edit) (+1)

This is rad.

I’m having an issue with the ToC links taking me back to the cover instead of the page #. Is that just me? (My notorious links work fine.)

I tested the file just now and it was working fine! Which device/software were you using? :)

(1 edit)

Macbook air, preview.app

I haven’t tested every link, but upon further review, Section I ToC links work, and Section II and III are the ones that seem to jump but then take me back to the front cover.

For what it's worth, I tested my pdf, too, and encountered the same issue on the ToC. The links in section 1 work fine (although 'Trilogy Mode - 6' only has the link embedded in the em-dash) while in sections 2 and 3 all links go to the cover. I'm on desktop PC, using Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

All that aside, loving it so far! 


I've just checked again and you're both right! Sections II and III are having this issue. I'll get the PDF fixed and re-upload when I get the chance :)


Love the pdf, awesome expansion to the base game! Wonderful job and wonderful world!


I'm super stoked to get the expansion, but I can't tell when the PDF is coming out. The kickstarter page suggested it might be DEC 2023... any update on the release timeline?

Hey, I'm hoping the digital version will be available by the end of this month!

February by the latest :)


I created a Kickstarter account to back this project - alas, I was thwarted by my distinct lack of a credit card. :(


Ahh that sucks, sorry. I'm not sure if it helps at all but late pledges are open on BackerKit if they offer better payment options?



This looks amazingly! 


Considering I've played the heck out of the original game (with additional custom content of my own). I'm very excited to hear about an expansion! I'm certainly looking forward to this project.


Can't wait! :D


We are super stoked for this!!!