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Orbital is a game about a neutral space station, cut off from a conflict that rages among the stars. Players choose from six customisable character roles and setting elements, then play to find out how their community is shaped by their decisions. 

This supplement, Mind Games, requires a copy of Orbital to use.

Mind Games includes two new character playbooks:

  • The Scholar: An enigmatic individual, consumed by their work but willing to mentor other keen minds.
  • The Maverick: An independent individual, living a nomadic life but somehow drawn to the station.

Mind Games also includes a short, light-hearted bonus game. It may also help you build up some minor NPCs for the setting elements 'The Station Itself' or 'The Unaffiliated':

  • Simply The Pest: a standalone two-player game depicting a futile duel between the station's long-suffering exterminator and some tenacious pests.

Players roll six-sided dice to determine their character's names, characteristics and equipment. Then, using a tic-tac-toe board, players take turns making moves and answering a prompt question. Win, lose or (probably) draw, there is a final question.


CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorAlways Checkers Publishing
Tagsorbital, Sci-fi, Space, Supplement, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Any chance of printer-friendly 1-up version being made available. My janky printer isn’t playing nicely w/ the background.

Hey, I've uploaded a grayscale version of the file which should hopefully do the trick :)

I should’ve said black & white 😁. But I’ll take what I can get. Thanx for being so responsive!

Hi there, we're an Italian publisher working with Mousehole Press on the official translation of Orbital and we'd love to discuss an adaptation of your intriguing supplement as well.
If you're interested, could you give us an email address to continue the conversation?

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi there,

That sounds cool! You can email me at [removed to avoid spambots]!